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Do you need a hot water pressure washer?  Or will a cold water pressure washer be a better fit?  Master Blaster Pressure Washers has both types.  We even have true steam cleaning pressure washers.

Cold Water Pressure Washer

A cold water pressure washer might be just right for you.  They are less expensive to buy and require less maintenance.  Cold water pressure washers work great for light to medium-duty cleaning.  There are some surfaces that hot water pressure heaters will damage.  For instance, hot water or steam will cause bare wood to swell, and that leads to damage.  Cold water pressure washers work great for cleaning siding and decks and can do a good job on boats and cars.  Anything with oily grime will be too much for them.

Hot Water Pressure Washer

Hot water does a significantly better job of breaking up oily and grimy dirt.  If your cleaning tasks involve machinery or surfaces that will have oily dirt, then hot water is your best bet.  Hot water pressure washers can also be used in colder weather - an important factor here in the Midwest. 

With water temperatures around 180 degrees, most hot water pressure washers can also be used for sanitation purposes in food processing.

Steam Cleaning Pressure Washer

Master Blaster Pressure Washers also has true steam cleaning pressure washers.  These pressure washers heat water to 220 degrees and have the disinfecting power of steam.

Get the Best Pressure Washer for You

Let Master Blaster help you decide which washer is right for your operation.  With our years of experience with pressure washers, we can analyze your needs and help you choose the best machine for your needs. 

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