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What kind of power will you have available?  At Master Blaster we’ve got a unit that will work with what you have available.

Powering the Pump

For both cold and hot water pressure washers, you’ll need to power the pump. At Master Blaster Pressure Washers we offer the full range of power choices: gasoline, diesel, and a full range of electrical options. Your choice will be defined by where you want to use your pressure washer.

Electric Powered Pressure Washers

Electric powered pumps are common because they can be used both inside and out, but are limited to locations where you can plug in. In addition, you’ll need to take into consideration the power source, some can run off 120-volt power, but higher power units might require 240-volt 3-phase power at very high amperages.

Gas and Diesel Powered Pressure Washers

These motors can be used anywhere but require venting exhaust fumes. They are often used in portable applications where the pressure washer will be going to job sites or needs to move over a large area, like cleaning vehicles in a parking lot.

Heating the Water

If your pressure washer will use hot water, you’ll need to heat the water. Your choices are Electrical (12V to 240V), Oil or Diesel, and LP/Natural Gas.

Power and Heat Combinations

Your pressure washer can use just about any combination of power sources for powering the pump and heating the water. Many units use electrical motors and oil/diesel heating combinations. Completely portable units (like trailer and truck-mounted rigs) can use gas to power both the pump and charge a battery that supplies 12-volt power to the heater.

At Master Blaster Pressure Washers we can put together a pressure washer that fits your needs precisely. Just call us at 605-543-5800.