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Where will you use your pressure washer?  Master Blaster Pressure Washers have a configuration for just about anywhere on earth.

Stationary Indoor Pressure Washers

Here in the Midwest, where cold temperatures are a factor, a lot of our pressure washer systems are used indoors.  If you can bring the equipment to be cleaned to the washer, an indoor, stationary pressure washer might be right for you.   These units usually have skid plates and are designed to stay put, and they can even be bolted down.  Stationary units are hooked up with power, heat, and water sources plumbed and wired in, making for easy usage.  This also makes it possible to recycle the wash water with a floor drain capture system.

Portable Pressure Washers

Of course, if you’re cleaning items that don’t move, a portable pressure washer is necessary.  These are often the same units as the stationary ones but with wheels added.

All but the largest pressure washers can be cart-mounted and moved wherever they are needed.  Hoses can be used to supply water if your cleaning area is close to a supply, otherwise, an onboard tank can be used.  Power and heat can also be kept on on-board if needed.

Trailer Mounted Pressure Washers

Using a trailer or even truck-mounted pressure washer system means total portability to job sites and can become a service of its own.  Putting a combination of power and heat sources and tanks to hold water on a trailer means you can power wash almost anywhere.

Master Blaster Pressure Washers can put together the right pressure washer system for your needs. Just call us at 605-543-5800 to learn more.