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Master Blaster MB 2503 H Pressure WasherMaster Blaster MB 2503 H
Pressure Washer
Without Hose Reel

Master Blaster Model: MB 2503 H* / MB 2503 HR**

3 GPM Flow Rate
2500 PSI
Gas - Powered by Honda
**HR model includes Hose Reel

Remember: Every Master Blaster Cold Water Pressure Washer is custom built and can be modified to fit your exact requirements!

*MB 2503 H: $1,095 (without hose reel)

Master Blaster MB 2503 HR Pressure Washer WITH Hose ReelMaster Blaster MB 2503 HR
Pressure Washer
WITH Hose Reel

**MB 2503 HR: $1,395 (with hose reel) 

This model is available with or without hose reel. Adding a hose reel also requires upgrading to a stronger, "two story" cart to raise the reel to a comfortable working height and support the extra weight of the reel and water-filled hose.

Quick Facts about the Master Blaster Model MB 2503 H / HR

Honda Gas Belt Drive 6.5
Honda Powered Pressure Washers by Master Blaster

We proudly use only dependable Honda pressure washer engines in our cold water pressure washers.