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Master Blaster helps get those dirty jobs done.  We're here in Sioux Falls, but we cover the Midwest selling both cold water and hot water pressure washers, and helping our customers avoid down time with fast and effective service and replacement parts. 

We have three great lines - Landa Hot Water Pressure Washers, PowerJet Hot Water Pressure Washers and our own Master Blaster cold water pressure washers which we custom build just for you.

Why You Need a Pressure Washer

We've Got Pressure Washers That Will Handle Any JobWe've Got Pressure Washers
That Will Handle Any Job
Dirt and grime are hard on machines, causing extra wear and tear.  It's also hard on your business reputation.  Surveys show that customers not only expect your business to show pride in it's facilities and equipment by keeping them clean and new looking - but they also avoid businesses that don't live up to those expectations.

The easiest way to keep your equipment clean and to meet your customer's expectations is a pressure washer.  The right combination of machine, water temperature, and the cleaning chemicals will make even your toughest industrial cleaning problems melt away.

Knowing What to Buy

Pressure washers can be too powerful and cause damage to the surface you're cleaning. Or they can be costly in terms of labor if they are not adequate for the job.  Master Blaster offers a FREE pressure washing analysis.  We'll come to you and see what kind of pressure washer you really need and help you decide which unit will work best for you. 

We'll also help you choose the right cleaning chemicals for your needs.

Clean Equipment Impresses Customers & Builds BusinessClean Equipment Impresses
Customers & Builds Business

Service and Parts for your Pressure Washer

At Master Blaster, we're proud of our service techs.  They really know their stuff and can keep your present unit in top working condition.  We have several trucks on the road every day, and we'll gladly come to you to get your unit back to work.

We also have soap, parts and accessories for just about any commercial grade pressure washer.

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