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The PHW - our Best-Selling Landa Pressure WasherThe PHW - our Best-Selling
Landa Pressure Washer
You don’t get to be America’s largest pressure washer manufacturer unless you’re creating the best pressure washers. Landa has held that title for more than a dozen years and we don't see anyone even close to challenging them. 

Landa Pressure Washer Selection

With more than 300 models, you can be sure that there is a Landa Pressure Washer that will clean exactly what you need to clean. Those models range from small portable commercial pressure washers all the way up to huge units used for cleaning big earth-moving equipment.

Top Quality and Safety

SLX: up to 9.5 GPM Landa Pressure WasherSLX: up to 9.5 GPM
Landa Pressure Washer
Landa was one of the first companies to be certified under the ISO-9001 quality standards and the only one to back their pumps with a 7-year warranty.

They’ve also earned the UL-1776 certification from Underwriter’s Laboratories for their entire line – that’s an assurance that you and your employees will be using equipment that is proven safe.

Pressure Washing Options

With Landa and Master Blaster, you can get the exact Landa pressure washer you need. Every model has a set of customization options – everything from wheels and spray wands to wireless remote controls and specialized cleaning accessories.

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