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We don’t just sell Landa hot water pressure washers, we are proud to say we also build our own brand: The Master Blaster Pressure Washer. 

Master Blaster Cold Water Pressure Washers

Our cold water pressure washers are designed to give great service at a reasonable price.  We’ve learned a lot by being the Midwest’s leader in service and repair for commercial pressure washers.  We know which pumps and motors stand up to heavy usage and we understand the types of washers that many businesses need. 

Your Custom Cold Water Pressure Washer

While we’ve created some good general use cold water pressure washer models, you should know that we “custom” build them.  This means that if you want a different configuration than one of the listed models, just ask.  Need it on 4 wheels instead of 2, or with two spray wands?  Not a problem.  Want to build it into a custom trailer or onto your truck?  No problem, we’ll put it together just the way you want it.

Grab your phone and dial 605-543-5800 and we’ll be happy to show you the exceptional value we build into your Master Blaster Cold Water Pressure Washer.