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PowerJet Pressure Washers are built to last

PowerJet Electric Power Oil Heat Pressure Washer PowerJet Electric | Oil Pressure Washer
(Model PGE2015E)

PowerJet doesn't strive for lightweight products, they build the best frames in the industry. PowerJet uses heavy gauge steel, laser-cut and computer bent in their factory then welded and machined to fine tolerances. Mounting bolts and axels get welded into place and holes are tapped, so you'll never swear at our equipment while doing maintenance  Everything gets dipped in corrosion inhibitors before receiving a thick, 3mm powder coat finish that is baked on.

The same care goes into building the coils, using state-of-the-art computer-controlled equipment to ensure there are no kinks or restrictions. Coils are fusion welded, a process that achieves 100% penetration.  Every coil pancake is structurally braced to prevent wear and welded to the one before. This attention to detail means most coils have a lifetime warranty.


PowerJet PowerJet Diesel | Oil Pressure Washer
(Model PJO5005D-1)

Nothing but the best means easy maintenance

PowerJet uses the best, highest quality components in the world. Wayne burners, General and PJ pumps, and Honda, Kohler, and Kubota engines.  This means that parts are easy to come by, so your downtime over the life of a PowerJet washer is kept to a minimum.  Maintenance is easy, too. with well-designed frames and cabinets with tip-ahead shrouds that flip out of the way for easy access to all components.

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