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Pressure Washer Detergent and Cleaners

pressure washer detergent

Picking the right pressure washer detergent and other chemicals is almost as important as getting the right pressure washer. Master Blaster has the right pressure washer detergent to get the job done.

Simply click on any of the products below to learn more about it.

mc 50 pressure washer detergentMC-50 is a multi-purpose, high alkaline degreaser. It can be diluted as needed for various degreasing requirements.

MC-50 is an alkaline-buytl degreaser for use on hard surface cleaning and degreasing applications. It is formulated to emulsify and remove oil, grease, soot and road grime. MC-50 is a low foaming brown liquid with a slight buytl odor.

mc 200 pressure washer detergentMC-200 is a general purpose detergent cleaner. It is an excellent vehicle wash, aircraft cleaner and light degreaser.

MC-200 is an alkaline cleaner formulated with alkaline builders, water softening agents, rinse agents, and biodegradable surfactants. MC-200 is a light green liquid with a mild citric odor.

mc 400 pressure washer detergentMC-400 is a spray wax rinse agent. It protects finished surfaces by providing an excellent repelling finish. It also allows for easy spot free blow-off.

MC-400 protects finished surfaces by providing an excellent repelling finish. It allows for easy spot free blow off.

alumabright pressure washer detergentAlumaBright will clean and degrease aluminum surfaces removing all oxidation leaving the surface bright and shiny without streaking or blackening. It is used to clean trailers, flatbeds, aluminum equipment. It is also an excellent stainless steel cleaner when properly diluted.

AlumaBright is a highly concentrated acidic cleaner. AlumaBright is formulated with a superior blend of surfactants and hydrofluoric, sulfuric, and phosphoric acids. Aluma Bright is a bluish green liquid with a strong acidic odor.

trushine pressure washer detergentTRU-SHINE is a polished aluminum cleaner. With multiple applications it will actually impprove the appearance of polished aluminum surfaces. It can be applied by hand-held sprayer, brush, or pressure washer.

TRU-SHINE is a new low ph detergent solution used to clean aluminum surfaces without discoloring the factory finish. It will remove dirt, oils, and road salts. Continued applications of TRU-SHINE on aluminum surfaces will help renew faded, dirty and dulled aluminum surfaces. It will help reduce the visual effects of salt spot blemishes. TRU-SHINE is a light acid liquid with a mild scent.

sta briteSTA-BRITE is a low PH detergent used to clean polished aluminum surfaces without discoloring the factory-made finish. It will remove dirt, oils, road salts and crude oil residue. Continued applications of STA-BRITE on aluminum surfaces will not dull polished finish and will help renew dirty aluminum surfaces to its factory luster. It has been shown to reduce the visual effects of salt spot blemishes and removal of oily grime from aluminum tankers/rails. STA-BRITE is a lightly acidic liquid with a mild scent that will not whiten aluminum.