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Landa EHW Pressure WasherLanda EHW 
Pressure Washer
About the Landa EHW Series

The perfect choice for in-plant cleaning, this series couldn’t be easier to operate – just plug it in and get hot water! The lack of combustible fuels or hazardous fumes makes it safe to store in processing facilities under the stairs or in a closet. It’s also ideal for mining and drilling operations where an open flame for heating is prohibited. The heating coil is uniquely designed for immersion in a tank of hot water for reduced maintenance needs, and a layer of oil floating atop the water assists in heat retention and prevents evaporation. The EHW is enclosed in a
stainless steel cabinet and mounted on a platform, and can be fitted with our LanCom wireless remote system, time delay shutdown, and other labor saving options. Generating no fumes or noise, and easy to store, you’ll wonder why you didn’t choose this unit for your indoor cleaning needs ages ago!


Heavy-duty Upper Cabinet is made of stainless steel, including base plate and easy-to-remove cover; Lower Cabinet is made of steel protected by an epoxy powder coat finish.

Water is heated in a Stainless Steel Coil submerged in a tank of hot water solution for efficient heat transfer and instant hot water with the pull of the trigger; a Layer of Oil rests on the surface of the tank water solution for additional retention of heat and to prevent evaporation.

Industrial-strength Motor and castiron, bushing Pulleys use a convenient 2-bolt pulley adjustment for easy maintenance and longer life; 2 notched "V" cogged belts, which operate cooler, connect the motor to the rugged High-Pressure Pump with three ceramic plungers and forged brass head with 7-year warranty.